A Review Of The Conair Infiniti Hair Designer


If you find it too time consuming or bothersome to have to first blow dry your hair and then use a flat iron to give you that sleek, shiny, perfectly flat look, then the Conair Infiniti Hair Designer could what you've been waiting for.

The company claims that not only does the Conair Infiniti Hair Designer, dries hair beautifully, but you can say goodbye to your hair brush and your hair straightener as this hair dryer dries, combs and straightens hair, unlike any other product currently available. This maybe so, but before you use it, you should first watch the DVD that comes with it, or else you could get a little frustrated trying to figure out how it works.

The hair dryer uses tourmaline ceramic technology to give hair a shiny, smoother and healthier appearance. This isn't particularly new - many dryers use both ceramic and tourmaline as these materials produce lots of negative ions that break down water droplets into smaller droplets that can be easily absorbed into each hair shaft, thereby cutting down drying times, hydrating hair and reducing frizz.

What is different about the Conair Infiniti is the straightening attachment that comes with it. The attachment is comprised of 3 components: a detangling comb, tourmaline ceramic straightening plates - that come with 4 tension settings - and flocked discs that add shine. The attachment itself can be rotating 360 degrees, which is necessary when you are straightening your hair - more about this in a moment.

Of course, you don't have to use this attachment and can use the concentrator attachment instead; using it just like you would a regular hair dryer. But, if you're going to buy the Infiniti you'll almost certainly be buying it to straighten your hair as well as dry it.

You use this appliance a little differently to those you've used in the past. Basically, you use it kind of like you would a flat iron: that is you run sections of your hair through the straightening attachment exactly as you would do with a flat iron. And, rather like the way you can adjust the pressure of the flat iron plates to suit the thickness of your hair, you can adjust the tension control of the attachment.

It's vital that the tourmaline ceramic plates stay perpendicular to your hair, hence the reason why the attachment can be rotated 360 degrees.

Does it straighten hair?

Yes it does. And, it does a pretty good job at that. Provided you follow the styling tips and instructions on the DVD you'll get perfectly dry and straight hair that looks just as good as if you first blow dried it and then put it through a flat iron.

However, it isn't the perfect appliance. Firstly, it can be a little heavy to use when straightening your hair over a longish period. Secondly, having to rotate the attachment when straightening different sections of hair is going to drive some mad - you obviously don't have to make any adjustments when using a combination of dryer and flat iron, but you simply have to with this appliance. However, with some perseverance and patience, you'll soon get the knack of using it.

Overall, the Conair Infiniti Hair Designer is a very welcome addition to hair styling products on the market. It really will appeal to those who find it a real pain to first having to blow dry hair and then run it through a flat iron to get that flat, shiny finish; this product will be just what they've been waiting for.

Follow the links for the Conair Infiniti Hair Designer and many other brands of the best hair dryer on the market, like the BaByliss, Andis, T3 and CHI hair dryer.

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