How Bee Pollen Can Help You to Lose Weight

Weight Loss:

High energy and weight loss go hand in hand. When a person eats food it is converted to energy. Metabolism is the way a body processes the food intake. There are three components to metabolism: Basal Metabolism is the calories burned just to keep a person alive. Physical Activity is the calories burned by the body's daily activities, and Thermic effect is the calories burned just by eating and digesting the food.

To lose weight, a person needs to either decrease the calorie intake, increase the physical activity or both. That is where Bee Pollen comes into the picture. Pollen is created in the stamen of the flower. The honeybee then collects the pollen and it is combined with secretions from the bee. Bee Pollen cannot be created in a laboratory; making it a natural super food. It is considered a low caloric food. For every ounce (two tablespoons) of Bee Pollen, there is 90 calories. Bee Pollen is very rich in protein. In fact, it is higher than protein rich foods such as beef, cheese and eggs. It contains 22 amino acids, 12 of the
necessary minerals and all of the essential B vitamins.

Bee Pollen is so nutrient dense that it is considered a food source. Studies have proven that a human life can be sustained on just 35 grams of bee pollen alone. Weight control is a natural occurrence when Bee Pollen is taken. As it goes into the digestive system, fats burn quicker and it speeds up the metabolism.

A really unique characteristic about Bee Pollen as compared to other supplements is that it cannot be reproduced or manufactured in a laboratory. That ensures that all Bee Pollen is natural and pure when purchased.

Bee Pollen also contains an ingredient called Lecithin. Lecithin aids in weight loss by speeding a slow metabolism and burning calories. It also breaks fats down and helps them to move through the bloodstream and into the cells. Bee Pollen is an appetite suppressant, as well. When taken with a well balanced diet, Sugar cravings will be reduced. This nutrient rich food source contains all the vitamins and minerals to
satisfy a human body.

Complex Carbohydrates are also found in Bee Pollen. A body's cells need Carbohydrates for energy. Bee Pollen is highly used by professional athletes as an energy booster and stamina increaser.

In conclusion, High energy levels attained from Bee Pollen can aid in maintaining a healthy body weight. Bee Pollen comes in pill form, jelly form and cream. Contrary to what one might think, honey has only trace amounts of Bee Pollen in it. To achieve the highest benefit from Bee Pollen, a concentrated form must be ingested.

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